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ra64 update

just been busy sorting out the mk1 supra axle swap. it turned out to be kinda hard to find new calipers and pads, i did find some old clearance pads and caliper rebuild kits though.IMG_0245IMG_0251IMG_0252IMG_0253IMG_0258IMG_0264

ok ok ok

i’ve been completely absent. I hate winter, but with spring starting i’ve been working on the car again.

here’s some randomstumblr_p52w27IAdm1rsmcudo1_1280tumblr_p474xhiux81thdnd3o1_500wallhaven-264867tumblr_os3e2dMkbG1sl8la8o1_128026904024_1865920853431814_6595268852006230830_nf3711013e1a574806a28626e6da2b3bc28d10e6012b066e09edb236efe45dff7--mitsubishi-pajero-garages801bf01264001ad1da3a5169fa2a7e50--mitsubishi-pajero-x-trucks

finally manual

until now this car was simply an ornament. it had character but now it has a soul.



it ain’t much but it is progress