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EF civic sedan, different but right

OK so i’m partial to the 88-91 civic (EF), it’s the car I grew up in, it’s the car i learned to drive in, it’s the car I fell in love with driving in.

So I was on honda-tech a year ago and i saw this civic sedan that “My EFsedan” (forum member) was building and I have seen many EF sedan builds but many are too showy, with too much money in it, and then you see onse that are just down right ghetto and you wished they had just left it alone.
But this one caught my eye as something really great, it had an awesome look like it was meant to be driven….. Ok I’m not gonna continue with more cliché’s that it’s this or that…. i just think it looks damn cool and it’s got some good, long, hard work into it by a “do it yourselfer”. it’s got a decent suspension setup with a LS-vtec to back it up. it keeps true to it’s era, it isn’t a bunch of flashy “I’m so JDM” parts. The best part is that it’s always in a constant state of build

I like it, enough b.s. from me, enjoy the pics.
beautiful interior!
The LS-V money shot


2 responses

  1. J. Patstone

    What is that engine. Is that a V6?

    April 14, 2009 at 2:03 pm

  2. Rudy

    Hi these are nice pics n efforts to kep your Sedan so. I have one as well n was looking for some ideas of pimped sedan. I am from Mauritius n here there’s not so many well dressed sedan. If you have so other photos or a link that would be great from U. Many thanks and keep enjoying the ride.

    June 19, 2013 at 11:58 am

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