car junkie with commitment issues

Sold the wagon

yes my beloved wagon has passed on to another owner. I’ll miss the EE wagon, it was quite cool with the wheels and coilovers, it was also very useable with 4drs and a hatch, it got great gas milage, and the insurance was cheap like borsht. why did i sell it then… well it was a great car in short spurts, it handled like a go-cart and accelerated like a madman, the commute to work everyday was like a piranha dropped into a gold fish pond…. everything on the road was my pray (at least it left like it) and I seriously drove the hell out of it…
but on anything more then a short trip to work it was a headache.. you felt everything in the road and heard every tic and blip of the motor and on a longer drive it became uncomfortable… every trip out was tense I need to relax sometimes at least.
Two cars would be nice, one track rat and one road tripper.

good bye wagovan.. my little honda on coke
wagon 3


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