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some pics of a nice simplistic car to build

the 1992-95 civic HB, doesn’t matter if it’s cx, vx, dx, or si model thay all have a great platform to start with, they all have the 4 wheel double wishbone suspension, they all are a direct bolt in swap for any D or B series motor (so you can choose from 100hp and 40mpg or 190hp and 25mpg, either way it’ll be with all stock original honda motors) and in the last few years they have come down in price so that a nice one can be had for under $3k.
If I were going to build one I’d love to start with an si (si had a sunroof and cruise, I like both)… but I’m not too picky, altho if i can find one I’ll take it.
these cars are soo easy to make look good, you just need wheels (the right wheels), a drop, and a nice si lip (same formula as always for me, wheels suspension, and a motor).

simple, clean, and effective

some examples
civi eg si 3piece
civi eg si cup 2
civi eg dx 67


One response

  1. modifaeble

    here is a challenge. can you find any european cars to feature.

    May 10, 2009 at 10:53 pm

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