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The 3rd gen jdm odyssey

ok soooo some of you dig the vans and some of you hate the vans… but either way here’s more vans.

a bit of history first… in 1995 honda released it’s first odyssey van and it was a good van, but it was unconventional, it had 4 normal doors, all 4 doors had window’s that rolled down, it only had a 4 cylinder engine, and it wasn’t as wide, tall, or as long as much of the competition…. but there is good in this.

the new van only weighted 200lbs more then the accord(1995) and because of that it handled very well like the accord, stopped well, and also got good gas milage like the accord….. but north america didn’t like it that much and so the next version in 1999 followed suit of the rest of the pack, and gained ~700lbs!!!

so for some of us the 1st generation was the best mix between a sedan and a full sized “mini” van, but in japan the original style carried on still under the odyssey name, they 2nd gen was basically the same as the first with minor styling updates, but the 3rd gen was all new and received the newer K series 4 cylinder motors(2.4L with 160 or 200hp)

since i showed some pics of the first gen ody’s here in a recent post , I’ll just show modified 2nd and 3rd gens here.

kinda bonkers stuff, I know, but if your not having fun… then what’s the point

2nd gen ody’s

and here’s more of the 3rd gen ody, which had it’s roofline trimmed down compared to pervious versions.

2 responses

  1. J. Patstone


    November 27, 2009 at 2:17 pm

  2. Josh

    haha unbelievable good? or unbelievable bad? haha….. or just why…
    I have found that some people actually find this offensive… weird people. our roads are too rough for this stuff, but apparently the roads in japan are very smooth and have very gentle ramps soo gentle that many of these are driven like this??!!

    November 27, 2009 at 2:31 pm

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