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Cressi thoughts

I’ve been a big fan of cressida’s for a very long time. I had my first one in 2001, but that car didn’t last long, I sold it and got a ae86. a year and a half ago I got a 1989 mx83 cressida and put full coilovers in it and got some cheap 17×8+30 wheels on it. it was ok but I couldn’t afford a 2jz swap and I didn’t want to bother doing a 5spd swap on the 7m seeing as the motor was likely to fail within the year, so the 2j and 5spd swap was a combo pack that i couldn’t afford at the time… anyways i always find some bullshit reason to bail on a perfectly good project once it comes to a time where i have to actually commit to some real work and investment.

In my defence I didn’t have a garage and at the time (and still don’t) and we were still a one car family, if i get a second car now it will strictly be for project purposes.

but for some odd reason I have never done a post on this one of my favourite cars.

the 1985-1988 toyota cressida (MX73) is my favourite one even tho the next gen is better in many technical ways, I just prefer the old styling, it’s just has the more classic 70-80’s vibe to it that i have grown to love. nothing about these old ones is perfect, the trailing arm rear suspension produces tons of rear camber and toe when lowered, and the motor isn’t all that powerful for the weight of the car and is pretty low tech (was high tech for its time tho)… but they are very cheap and share many parts with the old supra’s as well, and it is rear wheel drive and has 4 wheel vented disc’s and a port fuel injected 2.8L DOHC straight 6 cylinder, so those are several plus’s.

the Pics are mostly of north american spec cressidas but some are of variations called either the “mark II” or “cresta”


6 responses

  1. Mom

    Why do you like them so much, they look very conservative. Excuse my ignorance, but I am curious.

    February 20, 2010 at 3:21 pm

  2. Josh

    I like fast sedans, it’s basically a 4dr supra. it is a fair bit heavier but it’s got much less of that “hey look at me” styling. so I get the supra car without the macho styling, it’s something different ..I like different

    February 20, 2010 at 4:07 pm

  3. modifaeble

    i like the square ones. they are all box!

    February 22, 2010 at 4:47 pm

  4. I love the mx73 Cressida, I have one myself it’s done 104kms and has absolutely no rips/cracks/signs of aging at all on the leather/exterior/anything. It’s like it just left the factory. I opted for the drift look other than the bosozuko look, it’s got 18×9″ +20 5.5″lip lenso widetracks on it. Now just needs to be lowered 2.5″ for the real a mean stance.

    October 18, 2010 at 10:14 pm

  5. matt

    The thing about the Cressidas, especially the older models, is that they are part of the final group of Toyota’s great 80’s RWD enthusiast’s cars, but much more overlooked when compared to the Supras, Celicas and especially the Corolla AE86. Those aforementioned cars are getting so ridiculously expensive (as of 2011) on the used market that it is inevitable these will also follow soon. The Cressidas are the sleepers of the bunch and IMO that’s a great thing when you are pushing my age (almost 30 😉 I don’t want to drive around a “sports car” that’s turning heads and getting looks and is getting challenged constantly on the street by any shit box civic with a fart can… and damn it, I want fucking AC!!! But I DO want a cool car with RWD and potential. When the motor goes out I’ll look into putting in another quicker engine… eventually. For right now it’s extremely nice to have this Toyota relic that’s completely unmodified and it’s a hobby in itself to keep completely stock! I’ve been there and done that with my previous cars, mainly DSMs, and I’m just not with it like that anymore. I still have the desire to modify but I’ll wait till my next “mid-life-crisis” in about, oh, ten years from now.. with my still running and unmodified Cressida MX73 🙂

    July 7, 2011 at 11:49 pm

  6. Josh

    I may need another one of these soon, I’m biased towards the mx83 because of the rear suspension being soo much better then the x7, but I hate the 7m and it’s constant headgasket fears…you never know when one will go.
    and for all these reasons I am considering the LS400, the engine is more then enough for me and the shape looks soo good dumped on 18×9’s with the right offset…. it’s kind of a coilovers and wheels and done deal…. the auto is a draw back tho.

    the x8 is a nice mix, I could also go x6… mmm

    kinda adds up to whether I wanna build a car or buy it, x6 or x7 I’d just build my own coilovers like I did for my ae86’s, but if I go x8 or ucf10 (ls400) then I’d just end up buying parts rather then building them. I really do prefer building my own parts… anyone can just bolt stuff together, I prefer to go further and build bits or bolt things together that were never meant to go together.

    many questions, it will all come down to how much $$$ I have and how fast I need it up and running… well that and my ever changing taste.

    July 8, 2011 at 2:15 pm

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