car junkie with commitment issues

New project of my own, a te72 corolla

Just picked up a nice 1980 toyota corolla 4dr sedan te72 w/ the 1.8L 3tc motor. It’s slow… honestly a 32 year old pushrod motor hooked to a 3spd auto.

this build will be slow and on budget, no high dollar anything, not a drift car, just an old corolla getting lower, wider, and a bit faster.

it’s “rust free”, rocker, fenders, quarters, front/rear valences, hood, floors, frame, and truck lid are rust free, but the doors have rotted from sitting and the spare tire well is somewhat rotten from a dumb carpet placed under the spare.

the car has recently had a lot of work done to it:
every single part of the brakes is new
new front wheel bearings
new head gasket, plugs, wires, cap/rotor, fuel filter, rad hoses…..
blah blah blah… just a bunch basic maintenance of stuff I don’t need to do now

it needs doors, a manual swap, and wheels (something between 13×7-14×8, 15’s sometimes look to big on these… not sure).
I’ll be building coilovers the old way, with sw20 rear shocks up front, with threaded sleeves (~400lb/in) and cut the casing down 50mm and get some rca’s and camero rear shocks in the back w/ cut down ae86 rear coils. simple but quite effective.

I have more pics, but you get the point, there’s not much to see but it is clean and straight.

progress done today:
-fixed the passenger door that wouldn’t unlock.
-vacuumed about 3 lbs of pine needles out of it.

urgent requirements: (aside from being lower and wider)
-new starter so i don’t have to hit it with a wrench while turning the key. 


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