car junkie with commitment issues

just finding the time to post lately is just……clearly difficult.

1553073_1387024901522484_1441264519_oosaka-auto-messe-2014-photo-coverage-89 Aerodeck

Accord aerodeck! I was trying to figure out what the green honda below 11232077594_ec1e63e03a_o cleanls tumblr_mulnpkdXt81sqtxfzo1_1280 tumblr_mztqiit3661s3g7yto1_1280 tumblr_mrg4r7QSws1qjqxmoo1_500 27 copy 15-1 10-1 3-3 IMG_1502 tumblr_myvup2MkuZ1r0brpio1_1280 img_9191-copia 1546333_10151855654164249_643388740_n IMG_1522


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