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My current project

So in my mind old cars are only good for nostalgia, if you try and take a 20+ year old car and try to pretend it’s going to be faster than some new sports car you are kidding yourself and wasting your money, just buy something else. You buy an old car for the feeling it gives you. So with that in mind I went looking for a car that I was very nostalgic about, had good memories of…..and fit in my crazy small budget.

944’s?  Nope, jumped in price too much to afford a clean one

s13 240sx?  Nope, all “drifted” to awesomeness* (aka bagged out shit boxes), clean ones are $$$$

ae86’s? Nope, too rich for me these days

EF civic si? Nop…….hey wait?…….

After searching for all the cars above for a month or two I found a clean, original paint, rust free civic si in my budget. So here it is and the progress so far. 13’s, a single wiper, a random black bumper…but no rust!


found the correct bumper for it, and spent several hours cleaning and cleaning. it was very low, I totally got high centered trying to get it into my parking garage.IMG_0690

Installed Koni sport struts and H&R race springsIMG_0979

result is a bit high for me, but ok for nowIMG_0984

Installed si lip and “era correct” borbet wheels and new rubber. I’d like to say I’m going era correct for some nobel reason….but it’s actually all I can afford to find someones old “junk” and call it my treasure. And it has 2 wipers now.IMG_1021


One response

  1. pdrift

    Nice find. I’ve been looking for one myself since mine was totalled by an old man.

    April 5, 2016 at 4:59 am

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