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some progress

its a start


This first pic shows the only spot where I have to drill and add a bracket (this is looking string up to the left of the brake pedal bracket). The 2 mount spots in the firewall are there but the upper part of the pedal mounts to the cowl with a bracket and 2 studs that are missing on the auto cars. You have to bend the upper clutch bracket to make it parallel to the cowl and drill through the cowl and drop through 2 bolts through (use seam sealer on these) and use 3 nuts per bolt to pinch at the cowl and the bracket. Or you can use 2 hollow stainless tubes and spacers, about 1.25-1.5″ long. You may want to use large washers or make a flat plate to reinforce this cowl area.


the holes will be under the grate in the cowl, to the right under where the wiper rod is.IMG_1152

I love that the cut outs are already thereIMG_1155IMG_1154IMG_1159

And the holesIMG_1210.JPGIMG_1206.JPG


In Hibernation

Last photo I took before winter storage/upgrades.


more randoms… if i do anything else


Just some of the RA6


Not sure if I will bother anymore.

I mean… I have my celica and I’m happy with it but i’m also busy constantly working on it, and with kids/family/friends and work…..there’s not much time is left for this blog stuff. I’ve been haphazardly doing this for the last few years, or maybe the entire time. So maybe I should just kill this blog?…..then again maybe i’ll just leave it sitting idle till I feel the need to regurgitate more crap I find here and thereĀ IMG_0728.jpg