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Went to car show at spanish banks last sunday, literally 100’s of cars but this was the only one to strike a chord with meIMG_0890sorry for the blurry shot, phone cam while the dude was leaving.

6995412371_a43faee5fe_bThis nice shot is by someone else last year…..note how much warmer and greener it is the same time this year


decisions, decisions.

lets have some honest opinions.

I like the 190e and the ls400, but honestly they are getting old and both at this age can very very unreliable. kinda leaning the g35 route for a project daily. Garage project queen will come later.


190e. straight from modern to classic

more of the nice clean merc 190e

This merc is soo clean, not sure what to say about it, the bumpers look like early euro spec ones,  a lot of body work has been done to it but it’s mostly quite subtle so it’s hard to tell what all has been changed beyond the shaved rear door handle, flared wheel arches….

the widened bbs wheels are nice as always.