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it’s an illness…or it’s the illness

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next gen

only accord of this gen I’ve seen that got it right.

a few suggestions from the locals

a few suggestions from the comments on my last post made me wanna make another post. Someone suggested I get a mazda 6, great idea and a good car… but I would seriously modd that, also some interest was shown in the accord wagons and odyssey area as well.

I’ll start with the Mazda 6, these are cool cars with great suspension and decent motors altho a little thirsty in fuel department… but whatever. but with a little suspension work and some wheels…..

this white one is totally stock…. the wheels are original mazda 6 wheels, it’s just lowered.

The accord wagons on the other hand are just as cool and wayyy cheaper.

I’ll admit i can only find one decent pic of a 1st get odyssey and it’s not that great but this is it. (I’ll keep looking for a better one)

found more ody pics.

this one is my favourite… never mind those lame scissor doors tho… i wish i could find a better pic of this one.


a few quick snaps

I’ve always liked this generation of accord (94-97) ever since I saw one on the cover of  “sport compact car” back in 1996, that one had a h23 prelude sr bottom end and a h22 dohc vtec head, it was very cool back in the day.

I’ve seen this one on a few sites and in picture threads of shows, but I have not been able to find a build sheet for it, so I don’t have any specs on it, but she looks nice.

thank’s to david lira photo, justdhizpinoy, and the chronicles for the pics







and now with a new wheel setup, awesome stance