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e34 and other goodness

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more te72 progress pics

the short stroke sw20/camaro shocks are installed, the front strut casings have been shortened 45mm to gain back some travel.

classic 86 stuff

TRD N2 kits, carb’d 4ag’s, ssr formula mesh wheels.. classic styles

Van Isle candy

seriously love these wheels


a very perfect ae86

to bad it was stolen recently.

it’s always nice to see a good ’86

Finally a proper car

So I got a 1987 2-tone grey corolla gts (ae86)!!! I’am very happy to finally, after a year or so of relatively uninteresting cars, to have something so buildable and with RWD! That and it’s my 4th corolla GTS. it has a few silly things I don’t like, the garden trim front lip, some cheap driving lights and  ebay an exhaust tip, those will be gone soon enough.

There are a lot of upsides to this car, it’s an ’87 with the 7rib block, it’s a coupe, there are NO rust holes, it has the cool 2-tone grey paint, it came with a cusco lsd, and a set of 13×8 rota wheels with advan a032r race rubber (still street legal DOT tires) with tons of grip. the car also has the power steering and the EGR system removed…. both are things I would have done myself anyway.

I went with my friend Geoff to Vancouver island, who drove me to the ferry terminal and came with me as a walk on passenger to go get the car, I was on a tight time line… I caught the 5pm ferry to the island which arrived at 6:40pm and I needed to get on the 7pm ferry back. needless to say i was in a rush, we got off on the car platform because it’s always a faster way to get off, and we ran up to the passenger drop off area parking lot to meet the guy selling it. so i gave the car quick look over, paid the dude, signed the paper work, and hopped in the car to try and make it the 1-2kms back to the U-turn route so I could get to the toll booth and try to catch the boat… at this point with 60 seconds driving experience in this car I pushed the Advan track rubber about as far as I could on the on/off ramps provided, it was enough for Geoff to brace himself thoroughly….it was 6:54 when I pulled up to the toll booth and I basically drove straight onto the boat with maybe 3-4 cars behind by the time we set sail. I got the car home “safely” by 9pm.

There were/are a few down sides to this car aside from the lip, lights, and tip… was the aftermarket sunroof (installed nicely though) and  as I found once I started driving the car was that the guy was a smoker…a heavy one…crap

another thing I found when I went to insure it was that it had a V.I. on it, that’s a vehicle inspection, which means that a cop pulled him over, deemed the car unsafe for whatever reason. this sucks because I couldn’t get the car insured to drive at all till it was inspected by a mechanic…. I use to be one, and after looking over the car I expected they’d fine a few issues, these “issues” would have to be fixed before I could drive the car legally…. so i drove it to a shop to get inspected…… 1/2 way across town with 7 year old Sask plates. to my surprise the car passed!

back to the smoker thing…. I spent an entire day cleaning the car…. and this was only the interior and I haven’t shampooed anything. this was just the “dry” cleaning, vacuuming and taking garbage out and getting the carpet clean. the shampoo will come later. but the coolest part of the day was finding one of the oooold Dori-Kaze club stickers (which I have been a member since 2000-2001ish) under the rear seat, it was all dirty and wrinkled  but the sticker part was still good…

so the first mod was the DK sticker.

more to come

a real 86

This ae86 (85-87 corolla gts, RWD…. but you should really know this by now) is just what an 86 should be. simple oldschool wheels and a do it yourself approach to the whole car. No crazy offset no dumb fibreglass panels  loosely fitting and hanging off…. you get the point it’s not a high dollar build and it’s meant to be driven. it use to be that “high dollar” and ae86 would never be in the same sentence, things have changed much to my dismay…oh well.

I dig this car alot

Much thanks to roadsterdrift for this material!

Nice lowered scooter too

I like Hachi’s

apparently only in white tho…my sister hates white cars.

I like always matches…with white..that way you can just retouch a portion of the car…which is handy when your driving the hell out of it on a regular basis

as you can tell I’m not much of a fan of body kits and stickers

the rusty corolla crap box sedan

yeah this is the one of the crap boxes from motorfix crew in Japan, all the work they put into the car was a nice motor, suspension, and wheels…. but the rest was just left for fun.

the black top 20 valve toyota 4age motor, had 170hp factory from toyota, I’m sure it’s more now.

two more corolla’s off my compy

Yeah somehow I missed these two sweet corolla’s…. enjoy

cars in white

mmmm white, the best non-color

miata thanks to

nissan s14 and s15 thanks to matt nugent

ae86 corolla

gc10 skyline and 240z

84 celica

85ish cresta from Nori Yaro

A ae86 to tide you over

Sorry peoples, I have been busy lately and haven’t had time for new posts. Hopefully some will be coming soon.


Pics from capital drift in victoria B.c.

I was checking out DORI-KAZE when i came across some event pics of the “captital drift season finale” in victoria by member “666” and the pictures are actually really good and so are the cars. so here they are.










looking at these pics proves that toyota certainly peaked in the late 80’s

another even more awesome ta22 celica

cool cool cool awesome…. and don’t even start trying to analyze whether or not it’s practical.. who cares…. you = fail, your brain = no

just love this damn thing




one thing to note… is the rear camber… these cars were solid axle… wish I knew what was in there.

Thanks to racer86 for finding this

early 80’s corollas…

either you get it or you don’t… and that’s cool, it’s not for everyone and that’s how toyota guys like it. we all want the old toyota’s to remain a niche group, it keeps things cool and relaxed with out all the marketing crap and attention that comes with other scenes.

it’s an acquired taste… and I love it





thanks once again to speedhunters for my liberal use of their pics

The Freshness

This TE wagon that showed up at the nisei meet in L.A. this year has got to be the freshest TE wagon this side of the pacific.

it’s a 79-80 toyota corolla wagon, I always thought they were cool, but this just steps it up a lot.

the wheels are 14×10 0-offset diamond racing, with 185/55r14 tires very tightly stretched onto those wide steelies… massive stretch.

the front wheels are pushed out so far because he is running NRCA’s (negative roll center adapters) which push the bottom of the strut/hub assembly  out 1-2″


the diamond racing steelies are becoming very popular because of their endless sizing options and budget price…. but are no less awesome.


lovin the quad headlights and the air dam… even with the stock massive bumpers



and one shot in the distance


I think this has got be my favorite car in several months… it’s just really cool!

thanks to “Hasback Photography” and to for the pics

the ae86 true modern classic

you can never have enough ae86 in a car blog… so cut it, chew it, and like it.

these cars are the modern savior of the japanese rwd scene in north america. full stop.

A fabulous, responsive, very high revving motor, rear wheel drive, and a very willing and tunable chassis make this car hard not to love…. BTW 1985-1987 corolla gt-s, hachi-roku (hachi for short), ae86, levin, and trueno essentially all mean the same thing.

Like this red one with the classic start shark wheels, along with the levin front end, and the shorty jdm bumpers


this car has the japanese trueno front end, basically the same as ours in north america but with a different bumper


many hachi’s seem to always be half assembled, or somewhat abused…. but that is much of the love we have for these cars…. they can take sooo much abuse and still perform the way they should, they need to be used.

drift in action, a nice levin coupe
ae86 co 10

I like the coupes look but I think I prefer owning the hatchback better

lev 3

thanks to… , , and for some of the pics

Drift matsuri pics from

Here’s a handful of great pictures from a drift event at Matsuri in japan by


I love this ae86 toyota corolla and this red hatch with the black hood and trim  is a nice example. These are truly great cars, super reliable, tough as hell, great looking proportions, and very quickly becoming a classic. certainly an under dog that has outshone it’s peers.


lovin the long exposure here




once again very cool shot



This 1985 ae86 corolla gts really caught my eye a while back so I saved the pics, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I got the pics.

usually I’m really not a fan of corolla’s with fiberglass flares or body kits of any type, I’m an all metal kinda guy. this corolla works for me though, I find it highly tasteful that the owner choose to stick with the original color scheme, also the wheels selection and sizing is very correct for the car, and of course the ride height/camber/wheel/kit/color combo all comes out for a really slick stance.


Classic japanese vancouver show pics

I was at the Classic Japanese car show at spanish banks vancouver this past sunday, april 26th, and it was a nice little event. I know there is a lot more nice old J-Tin around town and I wish more of it had of shown up.

and now… to the pics.
this is for my friend chris, he loves these old roller skate civics.

this is the nice d16z swap in said civic, very nicely done I must say.

This was a gorgeous early celica, with the jdm bumpers and badging, it was very very clean and a great restore!

and best of all the japanese spec 18RG dohc motor.


and more clean 240z.

a nice Datsun 510 with bluebird tails.

this was my favorite of the show, a 510 that’s classic, cool, fast, and looks like you could drive the hell out of it and not worry about it’s perfectness.

the 510’s turbo’d 1600.

this was a really cool 510 wagon, with a 5-lug swap, z32 wheels, 300zx brakes, and 3L V-6

It’s nice to see the older rx-7’s being restored and modded (resto-mod).

a nice RX-3 rounded out the show.

there were more cars there but these are the ones I took a liking too.

All Japanese Classic car show

The japanese classic car show is this sunday, april 26th 9am-3pm!! I seem to miss it every year, but not this year! I’m sure my expectations are a tad too high but I’m still really excited, plus it’s gonna be a nice warm day and it’s at the beach.

iflip. Cheap, fun, low investment = happy motoring

I flip cars and that’s all i do, maybe I like the hunt more then the kill?? no, I just want a car that does what it should. I liked the wagon for 3 solid months, same with the cressida…building cheap, neat, unique cars was seeming to make me happy. but when you spend 3-4 times the money and end up with more problems then the beaters gave you is just lame.

here’s some cool pics of cool, fun, unique cars that make me happy to look at. altho some are into the $$ range.

the ae86 (85-87 corolla gts):

the EG civic HB:

the previa van:

the starlet and te72 corollas:

the vw van:

a well done ra65 celica:

The classic skyline:

a sexy silvia (240sx):

the miata:

the civic ef: