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really falling behind here

just plain classic miata, these cars are soo rapidly becoming classics and have quickly become the go to car for the budget sports car, replacing the ae86’s which are now either over priced or destroyed by “drifters”.

what’s there to say, old is cool.

this makes me want to lower mine more, a lot more. the clean non-vip looks is the way to go. as I’ve I’ve always said… “if your car needs a big body kit then you bought the wrong car”

Once again, you don’t need a bunch of garbage add on’s to have a nice car… in fact if you have a bunch of garbage add on’s your car is probably ruined.

The BMW’s on stanceworks lately have been phenomenal

First off is a classic E9 2800 cs, gorgeous

then the E28, it’s just… perfect, and as much as I love playing with Japanese stuff these cars just have soo much character and the interiors like this are just something you can’t get from japan.

190e. straight from modern to classic

new car again

so I sold the corolla ae86 and the 02 crv and I got a 98 odyssey, its basically an accords wagon but taller, funny thing is that it’s the exact same length as an accord and only 200lbs heavier…. which is pretty great for a mini van

anyways.. no pics of mine yet …but here’s some inspiration.

with the bbs rs wheels and the rare oem fog lights

with ssr’s

E30 318is

very nicely done on 16×9/10 +12 bbs’s, and a scrificial lip that can take much more abuse then the rigid oem is lip can

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