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really falling behind here

just plain classic miata, these cars are soo rapidly becoming classics and have quickly become the go to car for the budget sports car, replacing the ae86’s which are now either over priced or destroyed by “drifters”.

what’s there to say, old is cool.

this makes me want to lower mine more, a lot more. the clean non-vip looks is the way to go. as I’ve I’ve always said… “if your car needs a big body kit then you bought the wrong car”

Once again, you don’t need a bunch of garbage add on’s to have a nice car… in fact if you have a bunch of garbage add on’s your car is probably ruined.

The BMW’s on stanceworks lately have been phenomenal

First off is a classic E9 2800 cs, gorgeous

then the E28, it’s just… perfect, and as much as I love playing with Japanese stuff these cars just have soo much character and the interiors like this are just something you can’t get from japan.

190e. straight from modern to classic

new car again

so I sold the corolla ae86 and the 02 crv and I got a 98 odyssey, its basically an accords wagon but taller, funny thing is that it’s the exact same length as an accord and only 200lbs heavier…. which is pretty great for a mini van

anyways.. no pics of mine yet …but here’s some inspiration.

with the bbs rs wheels and the rare oem fog lights

with ssr’s

E30 318is

very nicely done on 16×9/10 +12 bbs’s, and a scrificial lip that can take much more abuse then the rigid oem is lip can

Thanks to

mmmmm e28


Das Germans are back…again

I love the old metal. Which will sound familar but also very odd to old school hod rodders because I’m mostly referring to the foreign cars of the early 80’s.

VW Derby, it’s coupey/sedany version of the mk1 polo

An mk1 sirocco on porsche phone dials

the old Merc’s are really coming into their own these days

I love this stuff

more of the nice clean merc 190e

This merc is soo clean, not sure what to say about it, the bumpers look like early euro spec ones,  a lot of body work has been done to it but it’s mostly quite subtle so it’s hard to tell what all has been changed beyond the shaved rear door handle, flared wheel arches….

the widened bbs wheels are nice as always.




Finally sold my ep3 civic

about time.. I didn’t like my 2002 civic sir from the start, nice motor but crappy everything else, steering, handling, the seating position sucked and the seat had no adjustments except the mandatory forward/back and recline, poor rearward visibility, steering wheel was too high and always always cut through the gauges…. and last but certainly not least the a/c was always on whenever you had any type of defrost on… really really annoying.

so now onto what I think i like most about cars…. buying themI The current candidates are the 92-93 civic si hb and the s13 or s14 (89-98) 240sx.

the 92-93  civic si hatchback is most likely the best civic we ever got in north america, it was part of the best chassis and the best suspension line honda ever offered because it had 4 wheel double wishbone suspension (they don’t have that anymore), it was light (they don’t do that anymore), and it had good visibility ( nope… no longer in a civic), and it also had 4-wheel discs, the 1.6 sohc vtec engine, a power sunroof, . basically I love all the 88-2000 civic hatchbacks, but the 88-91 was a little too noisy and under powered, and the 96-2000 had a cheap interior and no power. of the 92-95 civics they only offered the si hb for 2 years. the si coupe was heavier, longer, and lacked the rear discs. the 4 wheels discs and vtec motor were never again available in the HB.

so for these reasons it’s on my list.

civi eg si mint grn

civi eg si 3piece


the 240sx is the other present candidate because they are just damn cool, 4 wheel disc’s, RWD, nice multi-link rear end, a torquey 2.4L motor, they are cheap, quick, nice highway cars, and endlessly modifiable… but they look best with the stock body, a nice drop on coilovers, and some killer wheels.DSC_0189

paper clip 240s13 white wheel 1

s13 17x8-0 17x9-20 2

another 535i bmw e28

I’m really starting to like these cars, my friends dad had one back in the day and me and him took it to edmonton from sasktoon once, about 4.5 hours each way. it was a great car to be in, lots of power, awesome seats, great interior, and you just seemed to sit in the right spot in the car…. everything thing was just right…. altho it did use a fair bit of gas.

this red one has the euro bumpers with a koni/ground control suspension, 650lbs/in front 750lbs/in rear springs, and some really cool old “era correct” BBS turbines, it also has the hartage single wiper kit.

great pics done by m.burroughs again.


due to the difficulty of finding the correct BBS center caps… some coke can’s will do just fine.

_DSC2378 as Smart Object-1 copy






I’m starting to think i could see my self getting one of these… kinda fits the bill… 4dr, rwd, powerful, comfortable, old enough styling to start to have that classic look, most have very little to no rust, and best of all, the price range seems to top out at $4k

to vdub’ or not

VW’s have many strong points, one being the body structure and another being the seating position… ok forget that… i don’t want to sit here and analyze the pro’s and con’s, i do it wayy too often, over analyzing things… weighing reliability against price, speed, looks….. damn.. now I’m analyzing my analyzation process.

ok having cars as a hobby isn’t a safe bet, sometimes you make money many time you loose money… but it’s not about money… or a safe bet, or reliability, or the right car even? No it’s about having fun, expressing yourself, and challenging yourself. Sometimes you just need to try something different. … if I really wanted the safe bet all my project cars would be camry’s and would all be left stock.

so here are some pictures of older VW’s have i’ve longed to try

the mkII jetta, I love the lip with the brake cooling ducts, and the stance, wheels…  love the car, it’s cool
vw van 22

the original van, just straight classic



I love how vdub’ers will put damn near any wheel on their car, mercedes slr’s to bently to even 80’s corvette wheels.

I use to hate these mkII headlights and the small bumpers of the early ones…. but for some reason i have totally flipped and i can’t get enough of them now, I like the more classic look… I’m tired of the modern stuff i guess..
vw jet1 5

mkI jetta… these are getting harder and harder to find, but they are soo small and tight and solid…. cool

the classic
vw rab rusty 1vwrabbit5

and a pair of slammed rabbits, aka mkI golf, I love these tiny cars with tons of character.


I must be honest, I at the time (late 70’s to the mid 80’s) the japanese front wheels drive stuff was seriously not up to the task of competing with the little vw’s…. altho the 90’s was a different story.


I gotta thank and for some of the pics