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it’s an illness…or it’s the illness

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few pics from eeeezzzbro


Old cressida inspiration pics

back when i built my cressida these pics of this toyota mark II were then inspiration.

the cress and mark II share complete mechanics, beneath the skin they are exactly the same. the mark II was more upscale/sporty had a lower roofline, smoother front and rear facia’s, and frameless door windows….. but we never got them here so i got a cressida.

this one sits on R34 skyline gtr wheels.

mx63 redux

the 84 cressida kinda hovers that line between the classic 70’s toyota’s and the “old school” 80’s stuff….I like it but Im not sure what to do with it.

oh and a crazy crown too, love those slot mags

the x6 cressida’s

the x6 cressida(81-84) is certainly less popular then the later models. but the last 2 years of it (83-84) go the same 156hp 5mge as the supra, the same independent rear suspension as the supra, and also had 4 wheels disc breaks. the car also weighted 200-300lbs less then the 85-88 cressida and I think that the  x6 cressi’s have a more classic look to them.

these wheels are 15×8 -30 and is from booyaka of the japanese nostalgic car foum

sorry for the poor quality of the next photo’s but it’s hard to find good pics of these few cars that have been built on this side on the pacific.

These cars look decent even with the north american park bench bumpers, to me at least.

not a fan of the external oil cooler but it’s a good shot of the wheel fitment.

specs are 12k front coilovers(short stroke conversion , 10k rear springs AGX shocks
15×8-32 front, 15×8.5-32 rear

this car is from toji004 on the japanese nostalgic car forum