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living in a world without art like this would blow

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weekly dose

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563700_374234242691483_1181921265_n 536900_570985129588065_784880060_n 555511_559781297396195_294277875_n 78 1965 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon 327. - 2 7382731918_9dfcebe3ce_b IMG_0844 IMG_0767%20copy img_4489 67087_564954900191088_1871189090_n 64257_553559091351749_136326272_n
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it’s an illness…or it’s the illness

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good stuff


Still can’t get enough of old ef civics




really falling behind here

just plain classic miata, these cars are soo rapidly becoming classics and have quickly become the go to car for the budget sports car, replacing the ae86’s which are now either over priced or destroyed by “drifters”.

what’s there to say, old is cool.

this makes me want to lower mine more, a lot more. the clean non-vip looks is the way to go. as I’ve I’ve always said… “if your car needs a big body kit then you bought the wrong car”

Once again, you don’t need a bunch of garbage add on’s to have a nice car… in fact if you have a bunch of garbage add on’s your car is probably ruined.

ok that was more than a week

but i still love civic wagons

EF si built in the contemporary fashion

I’ll never buy another one, but I can see why I’d want to.

my first true love was a CRX

reality… I don’t want a perfect car, not even close

the reality is that most cars will never look as good as most the pics I show on the site…  and I really don’t want mine to have perfect paint, engine bays, interiors…. and especially perfect and rare wheels. Lets get real, I park my shit on the street, I drive the life out of it, I tag curbs, I put wrenches on my roof and I wash it about 4 times a year.

“pretty” cars are a pain in the ass, your always worried about people stealing and parting your car, getting rock chips, door dings, or just taking your wheels while you eat dinner. there’s already more then enough stress in life to worry that much about a nicely bent piece of tin (your car).

I will admit that while I drive hard I will replace and upgrade every part that needs it, I like my cars to solid and reliable… basically ready to roadtrip whenever needed.

and no I don’t go to the track or auto-x, I’ve got better things to do with my weekend.

so here’s a grainy shot of a wagon with the right wheels and stance, sure it only looks 70% as good as the others but I don’t care… I’d rather have this one.

more wagon

wagon love


Seeing as the first 3 real cars That I either owned or gained real driving experience with were of the EF (88-91) civic variety I have always been drawn to them, and I have owned every variation of them, sedan, hatchback, crx, and even the almighty wagon.

I love these cars

still got love for the EF wagons

lots of love! What can be said, they are just damn cool cars. I gotta say I love a lot of cars that other people find ugly! but that just makes me love them more.

and this one is pushing upwards of 700hp! Overkill in my opinion, the 170hp in the wagon i had was more then enough!

Thanks motormavens for the pic

still lovin a nice EF civic

I love these little old civics, I guess it’s just because I learned to drive in an EF civic si and my first real car was the ef crx si…. got a soft spot for them.

love this sedan pic
the ef sedan

EF civic sedan, different but right

OK so i’m partial to the 88-91 civic (EF), it’s the car I grew up in, it’s the car i learned to drive in, it’s the car I fell in love with driving in.

So I was on honda-tech a year ago and i saw this civic sedan that “My EFsedan” (forum member) was building and I have seen many EF sedan builds but many are too showy, with too much money in it, and then you see onse that are just down right ghetto and you wished they had just left it alone.
But this one caught my eye as something really great, it had an awesome look like it was meant to be driven….. Ok I’m not gonna continue with more cliché’s that it’s this or that…. i just think it looks damn cool and it’s got some good, long, hard work into it by a “do it yourselfer”. it’s got a decent suspension setup with a LS-vtec to back it up. it keeps true to it’s era, it isn’t a bunch of flashy “I’m so JDM” parts. The best part is that it’s always in a constant state of build

I like it, enough b.s. from me, enjoy the pics.
beautiful interior!
The LS-V money shot

Wagon Love Re-ignited!!

Ok so I’ve been trying to sell my beloved wagon…and I just can’t, people call and I always seem to down play the car. Last night I had a call about it and my friend Chris was with me and after the call he had to laugh at me cause I was underselling the car so hard.

So yesterday I came across a picture of a gorgeous wagon with widened oem steelies that I immediately fell in love with and totally renewed my wagon love….my wagon still needs a new body but I’m willing to transplant it’s heart…

so it begins again 😛

iflip. Cheap, fun, low investment = happy motoring

I flip cars and that’s all i do, maybe I like the hunt more then the kill?? no, I just want a car that does what it should. I liked the wagon for 3 solid months, same with the cressida…building cheap, neat, unique cars was seeming to make me happy. but when you spend 3-4 times the money and end up with more problems then the beaters gave you is just lame.

here’s some cool pics of cool, fun, unique cars that make me happy to look at. altho some are into the $$ range.

the ae86 (85-87 corolla gts):

the EG civic HB:

the previa van:

the starlet and te72 corollas:

the vw van:

a well done ra65 celica:

The classic skyline:

a sexy silvia (240sx):

the miata:

the civic ef:

If you can’t sell it, swap it!

Ok so here’s my really cool wagon that I picked up a while ago, it’s roomy, fast, has character, and big windows, I like it, but the body is a POS, it needs a new windshield, front fenders, bumper, hood, and a bunch of rust repair. this is all gonna cost money, that and we have decided that this car is too brash so I tried to sell it… but no luck… not a popular enough body… and since I refuse to loose money on any of the cars I build, I’m gonna swap it…. yes all the goodie go fast bits are going to be swapped to a 89-91 civic SI (or DX) body.

so we go from this

to this

the 2dr hatch is much more popular and non-running bodies with little to no rust can be found for $500 on craigslist, and since i sold my wheels for $750 I can afford to get a body and since I love doing this stuff anyway and I have absolutely every part i need and some extras this will be easy, and since it will fix 90% of the problems i have with the current wagon i might even want to keep it and if i do decide to sell it, it’ll be a much easier sell and I may even make some more profit.

I think it’s a great idea, it won’t cost any extra money, it will keep me busy with car stuff, it will have a great end product that i can enjoy or sell if need be.

for those who don’t know, the wagon currently has, a 1999 civic sir B16 motor (160hp), a light weight flywheel, act clutch, full coilovers, a jdm sir transmission, etc etc etc…