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i remember when hondas were cool and clean

the pinnacle of vintage Japanese classics

A couple of more classic looking starlets

I really do prefer the original color and bodies.

The wheels are ATS Kleeblatt’s, not sure on the size but I like them

such neat little cars, many of these do end up with 4age swaps nearly doubling the oem horsepower…fun

rusty corolla sedan to rusty corolla wagon

I love this mentality that anything can be saved…. for fun, and hey.. why not?

AE7X/TE7X corolla’s

so i know I’ve been neglecting the blog since the holidays, but life’s been busy. One the bright side of things I have been looking for a cheap project car, something I can really sink my …almost used another lame cliche, I want something i can be more creative with.

One car that really interests me is theE70 series corolla’s, they had the same suspension as the well known AE86 chassis corolla’s, but they had a simple body design and they were all carbureted (in north america at least). so all the nice suspension bits from the newer ae86 corolla’s fit and most the driveline stuff fits as well, and your bolt-in engine options are quite good, basically any T or A series motor is a fit.

I could go on for a while about all the sidedraft carb setup’s with different engine choices I’d like to try, as well as all the smaller wide (14×8, 13×8) wheels i’d want, all the suspension mods I’d build, and all the different body styles i’d want to try these changes on. Just for you information these corolla’s were available in 7 yes 7 different shapes.

so for once i’m gonna get off the forums and craigslist and get back to showing you some cars.

the 2 door wagon

the 2+2 liftback

the 4dr wagon

the 4dr sedan

the liftback

a nice sidedraft carb’d 4age

some pics courtesy  of the chronicles, and Racer86 blogs

The 3rd gen jdm odyssey

ok soooo some of you dig the vans and some of you hate the vans… but either way here’s more vans.

a bit of history first… in 1995 honda released it’s first odyssey van and it was a good van, but it was unconventional, it had 4 normal doors, all 4 doors had window’s that rolled down, it only had a 4 cylinder engine, and it wasn’t as wide, tall, or as long as much of the competition…. but there is good in this.

the new van only weighted 200lbs more then the accord(1995) and because of that it handled very well like the accord, stopped well, and also got good gas milage like the accord….. but north america didn’t like it that much and so the next version in 1999 followed suit of the rest of the pack, and gained ~700lbs!!!

so for some of us the 1st generation was the best mix between a sedan and a full sized “mini” van, but in japan the original style carried on still under the odyssey name, they 2nd gen was basically the same as the first with minor styling updates, but the 3rd gen was all new and received the newer K series 4 cylinder motors(2.4L with 160 or 200hp)

since i showed some pics of the first gen ody’s here in a recent post , I’ll just show modified 2nd and 3rd gens here.

kinda bonkers stuff, I know, but if your not having fun… then what’s the point

2nd gen ody’s

and here’s more of the 3rd gen ody, which had it’s roofline trimmed down compared to pervious versions.

A ae86 to tide you over

Sorry peoples, I have been busy lately and haven’t had time for new posts. Hopefully some will be coming soon.


Seamus’s supra and road trip to JCCS

So my friend since I was 3 years old made the trip down to the japanese classic car show (JCCS) this year, even though his engine install was just finished the day they left and the car wasn’t completely ready for the show.

here’s the pics he sent me.


from what i can remember about the engine swap is that it’s a 7MGTE bottom end (mostly for the displacement and piston oil squirters.. and a few other bits) with the 5MGE pistons and head, therefore making it a 6MGE and the only real 6M part is the crank pulley. also worth noting is the 1uz throttle body and intake manifold that are all ceramic coated…

some of my info may be bad and seamus will most likely correct me.





from left to right here’s Pete’s 76? celica with a 7MGE motor (3L straight 6), steve’s ae86 corolla with a 1UZ (4L V8 from a lexus ls400), and seamus’s supra with the custom built 6M all on their way down from Canada to LA


seamus’s supra again, looking good without the side moldings.


and seamus’s 6M looking better then any 12-valve M series ever has.

The toyotas at JCCS

first of all this is DKer Pete’s car! it got quite a bit of attention, I have found many pics of it online… be proud Pete




this so far is the only Pic of seamus’s supra i can find… i can tell because the exhaust tips and the white hood










I love these old landcruiser wagons… mostly because in Canada we got the Hino diesel with them.

Thanks to japanese nostalgic car, motormavenstoygarage, SpeedHunters and for the pictures

The datsuns of JCCS 2009

once again less talk more pics… but i do want to say that the datsun guys really brought their game to the show this year.













Thanks to toygarageSpeedHunters and of course The Chronicles for the pictures

240z, First pics I’ve seen so far from JCCS

These are the first pics I’ve seen yet of the JCCS meet  and they are small and are rather cool…. a slightly “ratted” 240z that is completely tanked and is fully flush with those large flares.



Thanks to Dsalni’s Blog for the phone pics

At last, a full photoshoot of the TA22

I’ve been waiting for more info on this car and a some more detailed photo’s and I finally found some. These days a cool car doesn’t just pop up from halfway around the world only to disappear again.

so here’s what I found


more of the same

I found a few more photo’s of that TE wagon




Thanks to the japanese nostalgic car blog for the pictures

another even more awesome ta22 celica

cool cool cool awesome…. and don’t even start trying to analyze whether or not it’s practical.. who cares…. you = fail, your brain = no

just love this damn thing




one thing to note… is the rear camber… these cars were solid axle… wish I knew what was in there.

Thanks to racer86 for finding this

early 80’s corollas…

either you get it or you don’t… and that’s cool, it’s not for everyone and that’s how toyota guys like it. we all want the old toyota’s to remain a niche group, it keeps things cool and relaxed with out all the marketing crap and attention that comes with other scenes.

it’s an acquired taste… and I love it





thanks once again to speedhunters for my liberal use of their pics

The Freshness

This TE wagon that showed up at the nisei meet in L.A. this year has got to be the freshest TE wagon this side of the pacific.

it’s a 79-80 toyota corolla wagon, I always thought they were cool, but this just steps it up a lot.

the wheels are 14×10 0-offset diamond racing, with 185/55r14 tires very tightly stretched onto those wide steelies… massive stretch.

the front wheels are pushed out so far because he is running NRCA’s (negative roll center adapters) which push the bottom of the strut/hub assembly  out 1-2″


the diamond racing steelies are becoming very popular because of their endless sizing options and budget price…. but are no less awesome.


lovin the quad headlights and the air dam… even with the stock massive bumpers



and one shot in the distance


I think this has got be my favorite car in several months… it’s just really cool!

thanks to “Hasback Photography” and to for the pics

the ae86 true modern classic

you can never have enough ae86 in a car blog… so cut it, chew it, and like it.

these cars are the modern savior of the japanese rwd scene in north america. full stop.

A fabulous, responsive, very high revving motor, rear wheel drive, and a very willing and tunable chassis make this car hard not to love…. BTW 1985-1987 corolla gt-s, hachi-roku (hachi for short), ae86, levin, and trueno essentially all mean the same thing.

Like this red one with the classic start shark wheels, along with the levin front end, and the shorty jdm bumpers


this car has the japanese trueno front end, basically the same as ours in north america but with a different bumper


many hachi’s seem to always be half assembled, or somewhat abused…. but that is much of the love we have for these cars…. they can take sooo much abuse and still perform the way they should, they need to be used.

drift in action, a nice levin coupe
ae86 co 10

I like the coupes look but I think I prefer owning the hatchback better

lev 3

thanks to… , , and for some of the pics

Drift matsuri pics from

Here’s a handful of great pictures from a drift event at Matsuri in japan by


I love this ae86 toyota corolla and this red hatch with the black hood and trim  is a nice example. These are truly great cars, super reliable, tough as hell, great looking proportions, and very quickly becoming a classic. certainly an under dog that has outshone it’s peers.


lovin the long exposure here




once again very cool shot


Brief update on my car

the last time we talked I had just put in the H&R race springs,  since then I have only done one big thing and a few smaller things to the car. The big thing being Koni adjustable shocks, and the smaller being that I replaced a scuffed side skirt, installed the oem lip, and oem splash guards. I know it’s all pretty basic stuff but it really helps the car over all.

bad phone pics ..I know…



One thing I have really noticed with this car is that it’s a great commuter/daily car and perhaps not the best project car….  I think a project car really needs to be rwd.

so it seems in my search for a project car I have found a great daily…. only problem with that is the daily was suppose to have 4drs… perhaps I should trade this car for the 4dr equivalent, the 92-93 civic ex-v (in canada, 92-95 civic ex in the states). that way I could have a good daily/commuter/people mover that has a little soul in it and then I could truely commit to a project car…. dunno… going to wait it out for a bit and see what happens.

Finally sold my ep3 civic

about time.. I didn’t like my 2002 civic sir from the start, nice motor but crappy everything else, steering, handling, the seating position sucked and the seat had no adjustments except the mandatory forward/back and recline, poor rearward visibility, steering wheel was too high and always always cut through the gauges…. and last but certainly not least the a/c was always on whenever you had any type of defrost on… really really annoying.

so now onto what I think i like most about cars…. buying themI The current candidates are the 92-93 civic si hb and the s13 or s14 (89-98) 240sx.

the 92-93  civic si hatchback is most likely the best civic we ever got in north america, it was part of the best chassis and the best suspension line honda ever offered because it had 4 wheel double wishbone suspension (they don’t have that anymore), it was light (they don’t do that anymore), and it had good visibility ( nope… no longer in a civic), and it also had 4-wheel discs, the 1.6 sohc vtec engine, a power sunroof, . basically I love all the 88-2000 civic hatchbacks, but the 88-91 was a little too noisy and under powered, and the 96-2000 had a cheap interior and no power. of the 92-95 civics they only offered the si hb for 2 years. the si coupe was heavier, longer, and lacked the rear discs. the 4 wheels discs and vtec motor were never again available in the HB.

so for these reasons it’s on my list.

civi eg si mint grn

civi eg si 3piece


the 240sx is the other present candidate because they are just damn cool, 4 wheel disc’s, RWD, nice multi-link rear end, a torquey 2.4L motor, they are cheap, quick, nice highway cars, and endlessly modifiable… but they look best with the stock body, a nice drop on coilovers, and some killer wheels.DSC_0189

paper clip 240s13 white wheel 1

s13 17x8-0 17x9-20 2

still lovin a nice EF civic

I love these little old civics, I guess it’s just because I learned to drive in an EF civic si and my first real car was the ef crx si…. got a soft spot for them.

love this sedan pic
the ef sedan


This 1985 ae86 corolla gts really caught my eye a while back so I saved the pics, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I got the pics.

usually I’m really not a fan of corolla’s with fiberglass flares or body kits of any type, I’m an all metal kinda guy. this corolla works for me though, I find it highly tasteful that the owner choose to stick with the original color scheme, also the wheels selection and sizing is very correct for the car, and of course the ride height/camber/wheel/kit/color combo all comes out for a really slick stance.


a few quick snaps

I’ve always liked this generation of accord (94-97) ever since I saw one on the cover of  “sport compact car” back in 1996, that one had a h23 prelude sr bottom end and a h22 dohc vtec head, it was very cool back in the day.

I’ve seen this one on a few sites and in picture threads of shows, but I have not been able to find a build sheet for it, so I don’t have any specs on it, but she looks nice.

thank’s to david lira photo, justdhizpinoy, and the chronicles for the pics







and now with a new wheel setup, awesome stance


Some wackness

just some cool and or slightly messed up pictures at random


typical japanese 



I always really liked car art.. edgy



gotta respect the rat rods



Miata’s are getting angry in their old age