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Finally a proper car

So I got a 1987 2-tone grey corolla gts (ae86)!!! I’am very happy to finally, after a year or so of relatively uninteresting cars, to have something so buildable and with RWD! That and it’s my 4th corolla GTS. it has a few silly things I don’t like, the garden trim front lip, some cheap driving lights and  ebay an exhaust tip, those will be gone soon enough.

There are a lot of upsides to this car, it’s an ’87 with the 7rib block, it’s a coupe, there are NO rust holes, it has the cool 2-tone grey paint, it came with a cusco lsd, and a set of 13×8 rota wheels with advan a032r race rubber (still street legal DOT tires) with tons of grip. the car also has the power steering and the EGR system removed…. both are things I would have done myself anyway.

I went with my friend Geoff to Vancouver island, who drove me to the ferry terminal and came with me as a walk on passenger to go get the car, I was on a tight time line… I caught the 5pm ferry to the island which arrived at 6:40pm and I needed to get on the 7pm ferry back. needless to say i was in a rush, we got off on the car platform because it’s always a faster way to get off, and we ran up to the passenger drop off area parking lot to meet the guy selling it. so i gave the car quick look over, paid the dude, signed the paper work, and hopped in the car to try and make it the 1-2kms back to the U-turn route so I could get to the toll booth and try to catch the boat… at this point with 60 seconds driving experience in this car I pushed the Advan track rubber about as far as I could on the on/off ramps provided, it was enough for Geoff to brace himself thoroughly….it was 6:54 when I pulled up to the toll booth and I basically drove straight onto the boat with maybe 3-4 cars behind by the time we set sail. I got the car home “safely” by 9pm.

There were/are a few down sides to this car aside from the lip, lights, and tip… was the aftermarket sunroof (installed nicely though) and  as I found once I started driving the car was that the guy was a smoker…a heavy one…crap

another thing I found when I went to insure it was that it had a V.I. on it, that’s a vehicle inspection, which means that a cop pulled him over, deemed the car unsafe for whatever reason. this sucks because I couldn’t get the car insured to drive at all till it was inspected by a mechanic…. I use to be one, and after looking over the car I expected they’d fine a few issues, these “issues” would have to be fixed before I could drive the car legally…. so i drove it to a shop to get inspected…… 1/2 way across town with 7 year old Sask plates. to my surprise the car passed!

back to the smoker thing…. I spent an entire day cleaning the car…. and this was only the interior and I haven’t shampooed anything. this was just the “dry” cleaning, vacuuming and taking garbage out and getting the carpet clean. the shampoo will come later. but the coolest part of the day was finding one of the oooold Dori-Kaze club stickers (which I have been a member since 2000-2001ish) under the rear seat, it was all dirty and wrinkled  but the sticker part was still good…

so the first mod was the DK sticker.

more to come

New car update.

so I had to fix the 4×4 ride height. I picked up some H&R race springs and now it drives much nicer, just needs a toe adjustment up front… and some wheels…… and some stiffer shocks.



poor thing only lasted 3 days

a few quick snaps

I’ve always liked this generation of accord (94-97) ever since I saw one on the cover of  “sport compact car” back in 1996, that one had a h23 prelude sr bottom end and a h22 dohc vtec head, it was very cool back in the day.

I’ve seen this one on a few sites and in picture threads of shows, but I have not been able to find a build sheet for it, so I don’t have any specs on it, but she looks nice.

thank’s to david lira photo, justdhizpinoy, and the chronicles for the pics







and now with a new wheel setup, awesome stance


socal was very cool!

Ok so our trip was great, the weather on the first day was crap but it got significantly hotter everyday we were there. everything ended up being really good, the hotel was close to everything, the flight was fast, the zoo was great, the beach was sooo nice….. then there were the cars… but i might have to do a another post for that entirely.
everything went well and we saw lotsa great stuff. everything is so close down there, all the beaches, towns, and attractions were just a few minutes on the highway apart.

baby gorilla at the zoo.

The most beautiful Balboa Park, I swear all the most beautiful stuff in san diego was built by the mexicans before the U.S. took socal from mexico.

some irresistible curb side metal!

Me and my wonderful wife Bahiyyih at mission beach

Me about to freeze my butt off at moonlight beach in Encinitas, i like waves, i stayed in for about 20min.

and an awesome cruise night in Escondido, I thought it was gonna be small but there was about 100+ cars there! more on that later

the true japanese classic

The GC10 skyline GT-R

If I were to EVER do a full restore of a classic car it would be one of these. they are rear wheel drive, of course, with independant rear suspension, have a 1998cc 160hp straight 6 S20 engine with dohc, and a cross-flow head.

as it turns out these cars are very expensive, I knew they were pricey but wow, a real gtr (kpgc10) can range from $35-$90k by the time it gets here… but you can also go the GT route which will get the you the same body but a different motor L20, very closely related to our 240/260/280z’s, which is nice since parts will be more readily available then the s20 rare dohc. but even these Gt versions will still run you a landed cost of $20k+… maybe less if you import your self and are frugal… but you might end up with a real POS.

maybe a datsun 510 is more up my price range 😛 or maybe I should go toyota…


Grand jdm/japanese nostalgic car

Wagon Love Re-ignited!!

Ok so I’ve been trying to sell my beloved wagon…and I just can’t, people call and I always seem to down play the car. Last night I had a call about it and my friend Chris was with me and after the call he had to laugh at me cause I was underselling the car so hard.

So yesterday I came across a picture of a gorgeous wagon with widened oem steelies that I immediately fell in love with and totally renewed my wagon love….my wagon still needs a new body but I’m willing to transplant it’s heart…

so it begins again 😛

“The New Style!”

So you may have noticed i change the style a bit, I wanted larger photos. This theme has all the options of the old but with a wider frame to allow bigger pictures…. which as you may have noticed that my blog is very photo heavy and the bigger I can post the pics the better.



once again thanks to Fat Kid Photography

Phaze2 civic

It’s the undeniable new style. oem body, nice wide wheels (but not large, you won’t see a civic with anything larger then a 16″ wheel in this style), and super low.

the wheel choices these guys keep to are really nice, I’ve seen this one several times with slightly different set-ups and I always like what I find.

soo… here
thanks to: the chronicels, phaze2, and digifresh for pics.

Epic s20000 redux, better photo’s

Ok so we’ve covered this before…. but who cares…. more is good
Thanks to Fat Kid Photography, go here to be bathed in high res glory

there’s about 10 photo’s of this car in there.


The fitment of this car speaks for itself.
16×9 +10 all around
on a eg civic!



Vans from japan, yeah they are

often i have an urge to buy a van, like a previa, and i tell my friends this and they often look at me like 400 pieces of lego just pored out of my nose…”what the hell is wrong your you?”.

So I figured I’d educate you all on what this van thing is about for me.
In japan it’s a big thing, some call it part of VIP tuning or some “bippu” thing…but whatever.

My personal favorite is the toyota previa. it’s a great bread box, and it looks kinda weird to some, but it’s RWD, it had an available supercharged engine, and also had an available 5-spd manual transmission. In north america it had a solid rear axle, but in japan it had an independent rear suspension. the solid axle isn’t all bad, there are lsd rear ends to be had from the toyota trucks as well as disc rear ends. I say buy one super cheap, toss in some coilovers are maybe even air bag suspension, then combine the supercharged engine with the 5 speed, and a smaller pulley and some cool wheels and enjoy. it would be a great parts runner/roadtrip car.

Here are some pics of the previa:

This Black one is the coolest to me, a great example of CLEAN!


and here are a few of the honda odyssey, stream, and a couple nissan vans.


These last 3 white ones have that newer blocky look that going on and I really love it…too bad most of the vans we get here are soo different from the vans the automakers offer in japan.

Thanks to

iflip. Cheap, fun, low investment = happy motoring

I flip cars and that’s all i do, maybe I like the hunt more then the kill?? no, I just want a car that does what it should. I liked the wagon for 3 solid months, same with the cressida…building cheap, neat, unique cars was seeming to make me happy. but when you spend 3-4 times the money and end up with more problems then the beaters gave you is just lame.

here’s some cool pics of cool, fun, unique cars that make me happy to look at. altho some are into the $$ range.

the ae86 (85-87 corolla gts):

the EG civic HB:

the previa van:

the starlet and te72 corollas:

the vw van:

a well done ra65 celica:

The classic skyline:

a sexy silvia (240sx):

the miata:

the civic ef:

Inspiration for Goldie

So my car is gold, hence being called goldie. So I was looking for some inspiration, a gold ep3(civic sir 2002-2005) that really stood out amongst the crowd and really looked great to me. I didn’t get a white one because they look to blah even when very nicely modded….I like the black ones but they were asking too much to justify the color. plus I wanted a color that showed more of the details and curves of the car, and gold did that for me and so did the price.

But I digress….
here the picks of the inspirational car I may be taking some cues from.


I’m not big of the body kit or the changed headlights and hood in the last 2 pics but the 16×8 +0 offset wheels are nice as is the ride height, altho I’d probably aim for a 16×8 +25 offset to pull everything in about an inch…maybe less… kicking myself now for selling the 16×8 +15 wheels I had on the wagon, those would have been very sweet on this car. The car will need new tires in the next few months, so I’ll be in the market for wheels as well. this is what i love about newer cars, you don’t have to fix a bunch of stuff before starting to modify the car, altho it did cost a fair bit more then what i usually meddle with.

If you can’t sell it, swap it!

Ok so here’s my really cool wagon that I picked up a while ago, it’s roomy, fast, has character, and big windows, I like it, but the body is a POS, it needs a new windshield, front fenders, bumper, hood, and a bunch of rust repair. this is all gonna cost money, that and we have decided that this car is too brash so I tried to sell it… but no luck… not a popular enough body… and since I refuse to loose money on any of the cars I build, I’m gonna swap it…. yes all the goodie go fast bits are going to be swapped to a 89-91 civic SI (or DX) body.

so we go from this

to this

the 2dr hatch is much more popular and non-running bodies with little to no rust can be found for $500 on craigslist, and since i sold my wheels for $750 I can afford to get a body and since I love doing this stuff anyway and I have absolutely every part i need and some extras this will be easy, and since it will fix 90% of the problems i have with the current wagon i might even want to keep it and if i do decide to sell it, it’ll be a much easier sell and I may even make some more profit.

I think it’s a great idea, it won’t cost any extra money, it will keep me busy with car stuff, it will have a great end product that i can enjoy or sell if need be.

for those who don’t know, the wagon currently has, a 1999 civic sir B16 motor (160hp), a light weight flywheel, act clutch, full coilovers, a jdm sir transmission, etc etc etc…