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Things will be slow for a while… move out of vancouver to the Oakanagan

on the bright side, it means that I’ll have a house and a garage within the year, so I might be able to start posting my own stuff again.

here’s something

TRD starlet

I especially like the coolant spraying out the side

the toyota starlet has never had a recall

just a random bit of info I came cross on the interblogs. kinda cool that a car soo old has never had a recall

A couple of more classic looking starlets

I really do prefer the original color and bodies.

The wheels are ATS Kleeblatt’s, not sure on the size but I like them

such neat little cars, many of these do end up with 4age swaps nearly doubling the oem horsepower…fun

starlet fun

If you don’t know what the toyota starlet is… don’t worry about it, you’ll probably never see one, it was only sold in north america for 3 years ’81-’84. the starlet had a K series motor (small and quite gutless) but it was rwd and there was potential for the determind….. at the very least the car was a happy little piece of toyota racing history.

this one of course belongs here with the completely dropped stance, flares, and the ssr mkII’s