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and I still love odyssey wagons

I installed new struts and lowered my odyssey a bit (1.5″) and it’s 100x better driver than it was before.


but this is not mine.

neither is this one

not the same

different is sooo good.

mini truckin’ alive and well in hawaii

Thanks to for the pics

190e. straight from modern to classic

a real 86

This ae86 (85-87 corolla gts, RWD…. but you should really know this by now) is just what an 86 should be. simple oldschool wheels and a do it yourself approach to the whole car. No crazy offset no dumb fibreglass panels  loosely fitting and hanging off…. you get the point it’s not a high dollar build and it’s meant to be driven. it use to be that “high dollar” and ae86 would never be in the same sentence, things have changed much to my dismay…oh well.

I dig this car alot

Much thanks to roadsterdrift for this material!

Nice lowered scooter too