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good stuff


really enjoying this

190e. straight from modern to classic

Das Germans are back…again

I love the old metal. Which will sound familar but also very odd to old school hod rodders because I’m mostly referring to the foreign cars of the early 80’s.

VW Derby, it’s coupey/sedany version of the mk1 polo

An mk1 sirocco on porsche phone dials

the old Merc’s are really coming into their own these days

I love this stuff

life’s all about variety.

Many people, including myself at times, just focus on one type of car or one make and they fixate themselves on that narrow range of cars. This isn’t entirely a bad thing, some of the best builds come from those guys, but life is all about variety.

I can never seem to be able to keep myself to just one car or one make or style, I see awesomeness in nearly every genera. And as you can kinda tell, if you’ve been keeping up with my cars, I’ve had a lot of cars and I change cars a lot. I have recently sold my ’92 civic si hb because for the last few years I’ve been struggling with trying to have one car that can do everything and sharing that car with my wife means that I (willingly) compromise on how I build that car, and because of that compromise my builds are never expressive enough to entertain me or to be a real creative outlet.

Because of this I have bought a newer Honda CR-V, great car I might add, I really enjoy driving it to work and running errands, but it by no means fills that creative void.

I don’t build cars to please other people, I build them to have fun. I love the build, once it’s done I sell it, I’ll drive it around for a few months or weeks but once it’s done (or reached the limitations of being a daily usage car) or I ‘m tired of it I’ll sell it. My favorite builds are junkyard builds, like the old way we build corolla’s by mismatching parts of other cars that work like, supra wheels, any random electric fan that’ll fit, camaro rear shocks, mr2 rear shocks in the  front,…etc etc

For me building cars needs to be a creative outlet that’s not for profit or some kind of gain in status, and never never serious…. it’s gotta be fun!!!!!

But now that the daily car is had…… I can focus on projects… not sure what but it will be rwd, and most of the mods will be fabricated by myself and with some help from friends, no more buying a build on ebay and merely assembling it…. I wanna just get back to putting my blood and sweat into it.

Enjoy  and celebrate the differences

Build what you got your way and who cares about the rest.

more of the nice clean merc 190e

This merc is soo clean, not sure what to say about it, the bumpers look like early euro spec ones,  a lot of body work has been done to it but it’s mostly quite subtle so it’s hard to tell what all has been changed beyond the shaved rear door handle, flared wheel arches….

the widened bbs wheels are nice as always.