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mmm could still do this to mine….

really falling behind here

just plain classic miata, these cars are soo rapidly becoming classics and have quickly become the go to car for the budget sports car, replacing the ae86’s which are now either over priced or destroyed by “drifters”.

what’s there to say, old is cool.

this makes me want to lower mine more, a lot more. the clean non-vip looks is the way to go. as I’ve I’ve always said… “if your car needs a big body kit then you bought the wrong car”

Once again, you don’t need a bunch of garbage add on’s to have a nice car… in fact if you have a bunch of garbage add on’s your car is probably ruined.

and I still love odyssey wagons

I installed new struts and lowered my odyssey a bit (1.5″) and it’s 100x better driver than it was before.


but this is not mine.

neither is this one

is it nice or does it just look that way?

Ok  so you all know I have a thing for vans..esp japanese vip styled vans. but I have always hated newer modified north american spec odysseys …. but i like this one (I know it’s not in the vip style, more sport)….. but do i like it because it’s nice or because it’s nicer then the rest I’ve seen…. I’m not sure.

more ideas, but crappy quality pics

simple stuff I know, but a 2″ drop and some late model si wheels really do help