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a very angry s13


few pics from eeeezzzbro


some scale models are so awesome that my head explodes

this is going to be rather cool

it’s the engine, suspension, and subframes from a s15 silvia (successor to the 240sx overseas) attached to a home built tube frame, with a toyota hilux (tacoma 1995-2004) skin over top.

clean 13

about as clean as a huge fender roll and massive wheels can get on an s13

Thank you for not ruining it with a widebody kit

subtle body kits are fine, but all these big lame widebody kits with massive wings and such only remind me of the horrid late 90’s/early 2000’s honda scene.

so thanks for not doing that here when everyone else would have.

more s13 goodies

I just can’t not like these, I know this is what everybody builds and what everybody else calls the cop out “you have no creativity or originality” car to build….  but generally I find peoples’ comments on what they think you should do completely worthless.

just soo much fun to rat on and always look dope low and wide

Thanks to motormavens for some of the pics

S14 drop wheels done

as I have said many times, a car that actually looks good only needs a drop and the right wheels

Thanks to stanceworks for the material

perfection is often pretty simple

To me this is the most perfect s13/240sx

Hands down my favourite s13 ever

yup, thanks to engineered to slide

just incase you don’t know s13 = 89-93 nissan 240sx

what it’s all about

Just driving the hell out of it, and looking good in the process…

thanks to Paperclip for the pic

cars in white

mmmm white, the best non-color

miata thanks to

nissan s14 and s15 thanks to matt nugent

ae86 corolla

gc10 skyline and 240z

84 celica

85ish cresta from Nori Yaro

iflip. Cheap, fun, low investment = happy motoring

I flip cars and that’s all i do, maybe I like the hunt more then the kill?? no, I just want a car that does what it should. I liked the wagon for 3 solid months, same with the cressida…building cheap, neat, unique cars was seeming to make me happy. but when you spend 3-4 times the money and end up with more problems then the beaters gave you is just lame.

here’s some cool pics of cool, fun, unique cars that make me happy to look at. altho some are into the $$ range.

the ae86 (85-87 corolla gts):

the EG civic HB:

the previa van:

the starlet and te72 corollas:

the vw van:

a well done ra65 celica:

The classic skyline:

a sexy silvia (240sx):

the miata:

the civic ef: