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Still can’t get enough of old ef civics




more e36 on my mind

8.5×17 ET13 all around with 205/40

just when i think I’m done

I’m finished with hondas, but then there was this.

you probably think it’s ugly, but it is certainly on point. subtle, nice stance, nice contrasts, a very well thought out approach for a clean sedan.

I’m not sure what the draw is but I think it’s just taking something that’s cheap and boring that can be made into something of an affordable piece of unique expression of ones automotive passion.


not sure why I didn’t post this old pic sooner

sucks when the cops don’t like your car

basically got pulled over for driving an “illegally” modded car on a temporary registration.

very nice EG sedan tho, I had a exv mildly modified at one point… it was a nice little car.