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this is going to be rather cool

it’s the engine, suspension, and subframes from a s15 silvia (successor to the 240sx overseas) attached to a home built tube frame, with a toyota hilux (tacoma 1995-2004) skin over top.

stance like this is why stance became soo cool in the first place

no widebody kit, no crazy 12″ wide wheels, and no fenders “flared” out with a hammer.

just nicely oversized wheels that just barely fit under the stock body with a mild roll.

Thank you for not ruining it with a widebody kit

subtle body kits are fine, but all these big lame widebody kits with massive wings and such only remind me of the horrid late 90’s/early 2000’s honda scene.

so thanks for not doing that here when everyone else would have.

S14 drop wheels done

as I have said many times, a car that actually looks good only needs a drop and the right wheels

Thanks to stanceworks for the material

the last S chassis… and we never got it here.. Booo

for those that don’t know, this is the s15. it would be familiar to us north americans as the last 240sx.. but it never made it here. it was produced from 1999-2002, so you might start to see imported version here in canada in late 2013.

Thanks to MattMalcolm for the pics