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big 7

mini truckin’ alive and well in hawaii

Thanks to for the pics

apparently it is possible

Usually I find with the mazda 3’s and mazdaspeed 3’s that they don’t modify well… what I mean is that every, every, one I see looked better when it was stock….

until i saw these

Nice wheels

but I don’t know what they are

clean 13

about as clean as a huge fender roll and massive wheels can get on an s13

snow scoobie

scoobie snow snacks

A reoccurring intrest?

Here’s an RA65 celica from Australia running 15×8 front and 15×10 rear superlight’s

nice clean car with good fitment… nice

One more before I move onto a new crush

from the racer86 blog

life’s all about variety.

Many people, including myself at times, just focus on one type of car or one make and they fixate themselves on that narrow range of cars. This isn’t entirely a bad thing, some of the best builds come from those guys, but life is all about variety.

I can never seem to be able to keep myself to just one car or one make or style, I see awesomeness in nearly every genera. And as you can kinda tell, if you’ve been keeping up with my cars, I’ve had a lot of cars and I change cars a lot. I have recently sold my ’92 civic si hb because for the last few years I’ve been struggling with trying to have one car that can do everything and sharing that car with my wife means that I (willingly) compromise on how I build that car, and because of that compromise my builds are never expressive enough to entertain me or to be a real creative outlet.

Because of this I have bought a newer Honda CR-V, great car I might add, I really enjoy driving it to work and running errands, but it by no means fills that creative void.

I don’t build cars to please other people, I build them to have fun. I love the build, once it’s done I sell it, I’ll drive it around for a few months or weeks but once it’s done (or reached the limitations of being a daily usage car) or I ‘m tired of it I’ll sell it. My favorite builds are junkyard builds, like the old way we build corolla’s by mismatching parts of other cars that work like, supra wheels, any random electric fan that’ll fit, camaro rear shocks, mr2 rear shocks in the  front,…etc etc

For me building cars needs to be a creative outlet that’s not for profit or some kind of gain in status, and never never serious…. it’s gotta be fun!!!!!

But now that the daily car is had…… I can focus on projects… not sure what but it will be rwd, and most of the mods will be fabricated by myself and with some help from friends, no more buying a build on ebay and merely assembling it…. I wanna just get back to putting my blood and sweat into it.

Enjoy  and celebrate the differences

Build what you got your way and who cares about the rest.

Nice clean scoobie

scoobie: nickname for subaru’s.

anyways this is a 2004 wrx with Rota Grids in 18×9.5 +20mm wheels, perfect fit, fake Volk knock-off’s but at less then 1/2 the price who can blame him…… and he is running the rota center caps so it’s not like he’s faking it.

just a gorgeous car all around! very low, black on white wheels, a great stance, and clean. there no big wing, no oem badges, and no stickers. there’s just a small front splitter and a rear diffuser.

to fit wheels like these on a scoobie this low, requires a narrower tire (then a rim this size would normally use), and some very real fender rolling.


The 3rd gen jdm odyssey

ok soooo some of you dig the vans and some of you hate the vans… but either way here’s more vans.

a bit of history first… in 1995 honda released it’s first odyssey van and it was a good van, but it was unconventional, it had 4 normal doors, all 4 doors had window’s that rolled down, it only had a 4 cylinder engine, and it wasn’t as wide, tall, or as long as much of the competition…. but there is good in this.

the new van only weighted 200lbs more then the accord(1995) and because of that it handled very well like the accord, stopped well, and also got good gas milage like the accord….. but north america didn’t like it that much and so the next version in 1999 followed suit of the rest of the pack, and gained ~700lbs!!!

so for some of us the 1st generation was the best mix between a sedan and a full sized “mini” van, but in japan the original style carried on still under the odyssey name, they 2nd gen was basically the same as the first with minor styling updates, but the 3rd gen was all new and received the newer K series 4 cylinder motors(2.4L with 160 or 200hp)

since i showed some pics of the first gen ody’s here in a recent post , I’ll just show modified 2nd and 3rd gens here.

kinda bonkers stuff, I know, but if your not having fun… then what’s the point

2nd gen ody’s

and here’s more of the 3rd gen ody, which had it’s roofline trimmed down compared to pervious versions.

Nicest EVO 8 I’ve seen yet

I know that all i seem to post is really low cars with big wide wheels that barely fit…. and it’s true….

it’s soo clean with the stock body draped perfectly over these massive wheels. I think that cars with body kits either aren’t low enough or they were too ugly to start with…. if you can’t fix it with a slam and wheels….then you bought the wrong car!


mmmm burger box




Thanks to Matt Nugent Photography and the paper clip blog both from the philly area for the pics

WFC crew meet picks in LA.

The “wrong fitment crew” got together last Thursday night in a parkade in LA. the lighting was terrible but the cars were awesome and the fitment was killer.

The wrx in the first pick in by far my favorite of the bunch… but also the acura TL’s are really growing on me… even tho they are wrong wheel drive (for a car that size).


wrx sti




evo X



wrx sti


TL again


evo X again



Thanks to scotterson on the WFC forum for the pics

another even more awesome ta22 celica

cool cool cool awesome…. and don’t even start trying to analyze whether or not it’s practical.. who cares…. you = fail, your brain = no

just love this damn thing




one thing to note… is the rear camber… these cars were solid axle… wish I knew what was in there.

Thanks to racer86 for finding this

rendered ta22 celica

I like rendered cars but not enough to post them, but this one is too cool not to. it’s not the best rendering but he certainly gave it a good stance.



pics from

The Freshness

This TE wagon that showed up at the nisei meet in L.A. this year has got to be the freshest TE wagon this side of the pacific.

it’s a 79-80 toyota corolla wagon, I always thought they were cool, but this just steps it up a lot.

the wheels are 14×10 0-offset diamond racing, with 185/55r14 tires very tightly stretched onto those wide steelies… massive stretch.

the front wheels are pushed out so far because he is running NRCA’s (negative roll center adapters) which push the bottom of the strut/hub assembly  out 1-2″


the diamond racing steelies are becoming very popular because of their endless sizing options and budget price…. but are no less awesome.


lovin the quad headlights and the air dam… even with the stock massive bumpers



and one shot in the distance


I think this has got be my favorite car in several months… it’s just really cool!

thanks to “Hasback Photography” and to for the pics

the ae86 true modern classic

you can never have enough ae86 in a car blog… so cut it, chew it, and like it.

these cars are the modern savior of the japanese rwd scene in north america. full stop.

A fabulous, responsive, very high revving motor, rear wheel drive, and a very willing and tunable chassis make this car hard not to love…. BTW 1985-1987 corolla gt-s, hachi-roku (hachi for short), ae86, levin, and trueno essentially all mean the same thing.

Like this red one with the classic start shark wheels, along with the levin front end, and the shorty jdm bumpers


this car has the japanese trueno front end, basically the same as ours in north america but with a different bumper


many hachi’s seem to always be half assembled, or somewhat abused…. but that is much of the love we have for these cars…. they can take sooo much abuse and still perform the way they should, they need to be used.

drift in action, a nice levin coupe
ae86 co 10

I like the coupes look but I think I prefer owning the hatchback better

lev 3

thanks to… , , and for some of the pics

a real previa this time

I know… most my friends are tired of me talking about these vans… but this time i found pictures of a modified north american spec previa that actually looks good and has no “photo retouching”.

the nice parts if that this van’s exterior is totally stock (no body kit), all that is done to it is the lexus sc430 wheels and the lowering. in my eyes this proves that a previa can look cool without too much work.

I think it’s looks cool.

previa sc404

previa sc403

previa sc400

some cool old J-tin

this first one is a datsun bluebird SSS, basically a 510 2dr with a copped roofline, rather hard to come by.


i don’t know what this is but I love it (turns out it’s a nissan gloria)


toyota corona


of course the mx73 toyota cressida, and yes i consider this car classic j-tin.


toyota Cresta Super Lucent


toyota corona


Nissan cedric


ok these next 2 aren’t classic but they are cool

a clean cool toyota hi-ace van


and a over head shot of a tuned corolla ae86 and a s13 240sx in the garage.


thanks to the nori yaro blog of some of the pics

New car update.

so I had to fix the 4×4 ride height. I picked up some H&R race springs and now it drives much nicer, just needs a toe adjustment up front… and some wheels…… and some stiffer shocks.



poor thing only lasted 3 days

Finally sold my ep3 civic

about time.. I didn’t like my 2002 civic sir from the start, nice motor but crappy everything else, steering, handling, the seating position sucked and the seat had no adjustments except the mandatory forward/back and recline, poor rearward visibility, steering wheel was too high and always always cut through the gauges…. and last but certainly not least the a/c was always on whenever you had any type of defrost on… really really annoying.

so now onto what I think i like most about cars…. buying themI The current candidates are the 92-93 civic si hb and the s13 or s14 (89-98) 240sx.

the 92-93  civic si hatchback is most likely the best civic we ever got in north america, it was part of the best chassis and the best suspension line honda ever offered because it had 4 wheel double wishbone suspension (they don’t have that anymore), it was light (they don’t do that anymore), and it had good visibility ( nope… no longer in a civic), and it also had 4-wheel discs, the 1.6 sohc vtec engine, a power sunroof, . basically I love all the 88-2000 civic hatchbacks, but the 88-91 was a little too noisy and under powered, and the 96-2000 had a cheap interior and no power. of the 92-95 civics they only offered the si hb for 2 years. the si coupe was heavier, longer, and lacked the rear discs. the 4 wheels discs and vtec motor were never again available in the HB.

so for these reasons it’s on my list.

civi eg si mint grn

civi eg si 3piece


the 240sx is the other present candidate because they are just damn cool, 4 wheel disc’s, RWD, nice multi-link rear end, a torquey 2.4L motor, they are cheap, quick, nice highway cars, and endlessly modifiable… but they look best with the stock body, a nice drop on coilovers, and some killer wheels.DSC_0189

paper clip 240s13 white wheel 1

s13 17x8-0 17x9-20 2


This 1985 ae86 corolla gts really caught my eye a while back so I saved the pics, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I got the pics.

usually I’m really not a fan of corolla’s with fiberglass flares or body kits of any type, I’m an all metal kinda guy. this corolla works for me though, I find it highly tasteful that the owner choose to stick with the original color scheme, also the wheels selection and sizing is very correct for the car, and of course the ride height/camber/wheel/kit/color combo all comes out for a really slick stance.


a few quick snaps

I’ve always liked this generation of accord (94-97) ever since I saw one on the cover of  “sport compact car” back in 1996, that one had a h23 prelude sr bottom end and a h22 dohc vtec head, it was very cool back in the day.

I’ve seen this one on a few sites and in picture threads of shows, but I have not been able to find a build sheet for it, so I don’t have any specs on it, but she looks nice.

thank’s to david lira photo, justdhizpinoy, and the chronicles for the pics







and now with a new wheel setup, awesome stance


a ratted bmw e28

so this guy use to have a a really nice e28… till it was writen off… see smashed window and A-pillar also the messed up lower valence.

so what does he do?? since the car will cost way too much money to fix he decieds to have some fun with it.

the suspension, wheels, and motor are all top notch equipment and it’s not on air bags.

very cool opportunity to build a very cool car

nice rolling shot

_DSC3399 as Smart Object-1 copy
cool back drop here

_DSC3083 as Smart Object-1 copy
beautiful 6 here with the 5

Thanks to shelley.ray and m.burroughs for the shots I found on