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few pics from eeeezzzbro


classic 86 stuff

TRD N2 kits, carb’d 4ag’s, ssr formula mesh wheels.. classic styles

Nicest all round north american spec MKII supra I’ve seen yet

new car again

so I sold the corolla ae86 and the 02 crv and I got a 98 odyssey, its basically an accords wagon but taller, funny thing is that it’s the exact same length as an accord and only 200lbs heavier…. which is pretty great for a mini van

anyways.. no pics of mine yet …but here’s some inspiration.

with the bbs rs wheels and the rare oem fog lights

with ssr’s

porsche 356ness

just a shot shot of what i would have to say the cleanest and coolest 356 I have ever seen, and the only one I have ever seen on ssr wheels and with rear flares

… I’m juts drooling over the hot classic german roadsterness


Thanks to for the pic