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e34 and other goodness

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saab 9-2x

it’s a wrx with an sti steering rack and a nicer nose and interior… best of everything

sweetness is the scoobie

the scoobie that everyone in north america forgot about

if you can find a 2000 2.5rs 4dr (4dr only sold for that one year) it would be a very cool daily, it came with some of the wrx drive line parts, just needs the turbo.

scoobie rollin’ on advan super ver.2’s

another nice oddity

it’s a saab 9-2x aero,  but not really. they just took the wrx gave it a nose job and a nicer interior.

snow scoobie

scoobie snow snacks

mmm scoobieroo

Nice clean scoobie

scoobie: nickname for subaru’s.

anyways this is a 2004 wrx with Rota Grids in 18×9.5 +20mm wheels, perfect fit, fake Volk knock-off’s but at less then 1/2 the price who can blame him…… and he is running the rota center caps so it’s not like he’s faking it.

just a gorgeous car all around! very low, black on white wheels, a great stance, and clean. there no big wing, no oem badges, and no stickers. there’s just a small front splitter and a rear diffuser.

to fit wheels like these on a scoobie this low, requires a narrower tire (then a rim this size would normally use), and some very real fender rolling.


recent intrest in scoobies

aka subaru’s, I like the looks of the 2000 and older impreza’s better then the 2001-2003’s and the 2004+’s still cost too much…… but I want the 2.5liter motor which came in the 2.5 rs (because I can’t afford the wrx turbo’s)… but I want a 4dr… which they sold…but only for one year … 2000.


woe is me….. yada yada yada


here’s a cool pic of a 99 2.5rs impreza


WFC crew meet picks in LA.

The “wrong fitment crew” got together last Thursday night in a parkade in LA. the lighting was terrible but the cars were awesome and the fitment was killer.

The wrx in the first pick in by far my favorite of the bunch… but also the acura TL’s are really growing on me… even tho they are wrong wheel drive (for a car that size).


wrx sti




evo X



wrx sti


TL again


evo X again



Thanks to scotterson on the WFC forum for the pics