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living in a world without art like this would blow

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563700_374234242691483_1181921265_n 536900_570985129588065_784880060_n 555511_559781297396195_294277875_n 78 1965 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon 327. - 2 7382731918_9dfcebe3ce_b IMG_0844 IMG_0767%20copy img_4489 67087_564954900191088_1871189090_n 64257_553559091351749_136326272_n
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do want….must not yet…..attempting restraint….avoiding craigslist


more of that bavarian wagon

blurry but worth it


The BMW’s on stanceworks lately have been phenomenal

First off is a classic E9 2800 cs, gorgeous

then the E28, it’s just… perfect, and as much as I love playing with Japanese stuff these cars just have soo much character and the interiors like this are just something you can’t get from japan.

s’more e28

I know I posted this car before but different angles are always good. wouldn’t be a bad car to build up, modern enough to be a nice daily and classic enough to look ….well classic

mmmmm e28


another 535i bmw e28

I’m really starting to like these cars, my friends dad had one back in the day and me and him took it to edmonton from sasktoon once, about 4.5 hours each way. it was a great car to be in, lots of power, awesome seats, great interior, and you just seemed to sit in the right spot in the car…. everything thing was just right…. altho it did use a fair bit of gas.

this red one has the euro bumpers with a koni/ground control suspension, 650lbs/in front 750lbs/in rear springs, and some really cool old “era correct” BBS turbines, it also has the hartage single wiper kit.

great pics done by m.burroughs again.


due to the difficulty of finding the correct BBS center caps… some coke can’s will do just fine.

_DSC2378 as Smart Object-1 copy






I’m starting to think i could see my self getting one of these… kinda fits the bill… 4dr, rwd, powerful, comfortable, old enough styling to start to have that classic look, most have very little to no rust, and best of all, the price range seems to top out at $4k

a ratted bmw e28

so this guy use to have a a really nice e28… till it was writen off… see smashed window and A-pillar also the messed up lower valence.

so what does he do?? since the car will cost way too much money to fix he decieds to have some fun with it.

the suspension, wheels, and motor are all top notch equipment and it’s not on air bags.

very cool opportunity to build a very cool car

nice rolling shot

_DSC3399 as Smart Object-1 copy
cool back drop here

_DSC3083 as Smart Object-1 copy
beautiful 6 here with the 5

Thanks to shelley.ray and m.burroughs for the shots I found on