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good stuff


now something old for balance

first mk4 supra i’ve seen done right

few pics from eeeezzzbro


Nicest all round north american spec MKII supra I’ve seen yet

Very nice MK2 supra

yup cool, love the rear ssr mk2 wheels.

pics from

Seamus’s supra and road trip to JCCS

So my friend since I was 3 years old made the trip down to the japanese classic car show (JCCS) this year, even though his engine install was just finished the day they left and the car wasn’t completely ready for the show.

here’s the pics he sent me.


from what i can remember about the engine swap is that it’s a 7MGTE bottom end (mostly for the displacement and piston oil squirters.. and a few other bits) with the 5MGE pistons and head, therefore making it a 6MGE and the only real 6M part is the crank pulley. also worth noting is the 1uz throttle body and intake manifold that are all ceramic coated…

some of my info may be bad and seamus will most likely correct me.





from left to right here’s Pete’s 76? celica with a 7MGE motor (3L straight 6), steve’s ae86 corolla with a 1UZ (4L V8 from a lexus ls400), and seamus’s supra with the custom built 6M all on their way down from Canada to LA


seamus’s supra again, looking good without the side moldings.


and seamus’s 6M looking better then any 12-valve M series ever has.