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good stuff

just givin’ ya some flavour before I head to the island for a week

more s13 goodies

I just can’t not like these, I know this is what everybody builds and what everybody else calls the cop out “you have no creativity or originality” car to build….  but generally I find peoples’ comments on what they think you should do completely worthless.

just soo much fun to rat on and always look dope low and wide

Thanks to motormavens for some of the pics

S14 drop wheels done

as I have said many times, a car that actually looks good only needs a drop and the right wheels

Thanks to stanceworks for the material

perfection is often pretty simple

To me this is the most perfect s13/240sx

The fairlady doesn’t get much more!!!!! then this

the last S chassis… and we never got it here.. Booo

for those that don’t know, this is the s15. it would be familiar to us north americans as the last 240sx.. but it never made it here. it was produced from 1999-2002, so you might start to see imported version here in canada in late 2013.

Thanks to MattMalcolm for the pics

really cool pic

I was uber sick last week… hence no post, I’ll get to some new stuff soon but here this to tide you over

Hands down my favourite s13 ever

yup, thanks to engineered to slide

just incase you don’t know s13 = 89-93 nissan 240sx

what it’s all about

Just driving the hell out of it, and looking good in the process…

thanks to Paperclip for the pic

cars in white

mmmm white, the best non-color

miata thanks to

nissan s14 and s15 thanks to matt nugent

ae86 corolla

gc10 skyline and 240z

84 celica

85ish cresta from Nori Yaro

240z, First pics I’ve seen so far from JCCS

These are the first pics I’ve seen yet of the JCCS meet  and they are small and are rather cool…. a slightly “ratted” 240z that is completely tanked and is fully flush with those large flares.



Thanks to Dsalni’s Blog for the phone pics

some cool old J-tin

this first one is a datsun bluebird SSS, basically a 510 2dr with a copped roofline, rather hard to come by.


i don’t know what this is but I love it (turns out it’s a nissan gloria)


toyota corona


of course the mx73 toyota cressida, and yes i consider this car classic j-tin.


toyota Cresta Super Lucent


toyota corona


Nissan cedric


ok these next 2 aren’t classic but they are cool

a clean cool toyota hi-ace van


and a over head shot of a tuned corolla ae86 and a s13 240sx in the garage.


thanks to the nori yaro blog of some of the pics