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living in a world without art like this would blow

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weekly dose

536953_577124035640841_1919937130_n Destination-Nurburgring-Seven-26-of-88 tumblr_m7ylrbIACj1qg6l90o1_500551437_562365037137821_382082174_n tumblr_mknfdwTzIn1rzx9tdo1_1280 tumblr_mkpfd9VyzM1rzx9tdo1_1280 417904_577016668984911_203012877_n Mercedes_Benz_W123_200D_BBS_RS_01 Porsche-944-convertible-stance


563700_374234242691483_1181921265_n 536900_570985129588065_784880060_n 555511_559781297396195_294277875_n 78 1965 Chevrolet Bel Air Wagon 327. - 2 7382731918_9dfcebe3ce_b IMG_0844 IMG_0767%20copy img_4489 67087_564954900191088_1871189090_n 64257_553559091351749_136326272_n
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quirky done right


more of that bavarian wagon

blurry but worth it


never thought much of the outback sport

just takes someone else with talent to change things


good stuff

carbon copy

my old wagon had the same wheels, was the same colour, and the same ride height.

I miss it.





20110918-113407.jpgSaw this at the Lordco on dillworth in kelowna this morning. Very nice!

me likey

this is that te wagon with the crazy 14×10’s (I think). anyways great shot

ok that was more than a week

but i still love civic wagons

Ooops, now I’m going to kelowna for a week.

lowered outback… interesting idea… not sure what to thing about it.

I love wagons

18’s front 19’s rear…. should have stuck with 18’s all around, I prefer a bit of tire.


reality… I don’t want a perfect car, not even close

the reality is that most cars will never look as good as most the pics I show on the site…  and I really don’t want mine to have perfect paint, engine bays, interiors…. and especially perfect and rare wheels. Lets get real, I park my shit on the street, I drive the life out of it, I tag curbs, I put wrenches on my roof and I wash it about 4 times a year.

“pretty” cars are a pain in the ass, your always worried about people stealing and parting your car, getting rock chips, door dings, or just taking your wheels while you eat dinner. there’s already more then enough stress in life to worry that much about a nicely bent piece of tin (your car).

I will admit that while I drive hard I will replace and upgrade every part that needs it, I like my cars to solid and reliable… basically ready to roadtrip whenever needed.

and no I don’t go to the track or auto-x, I’ve got better things to do with my weekend.

so here’s a grainy shot of a wagon with the right wheels and stance, sure it only looks 70% as good as the others but I don’t care… I’d rather have this one.

more wagon

wagon love